Your smiles straight, it's now time to keep it that way! 

Orthodontic treatment doesn't end once you've had your braces removed. Retainers are designed to maintain the results that your orthodontic treatment has achieved. There are all different types of retainers including fixed and removable and which one is suitable for you with vary depending on your treatment. 

Retain that healthy, straight smile

Young girl smiling while holding clear retainer

What is a Retainer?

As the name suggests, a retainer is designed to help retain the position of your teeth prior to orthodontic treatment. Our teeth shift as we get older and without a retainer, the effects of your orthodontic treatment will be reversed. Retainers are custom-made depending on your individual treatment plan.


At Northside Orthodontics we offer a range of retainers including:

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The most popular retainer used for the lower teeth; the bonded retainer is glued permanently behind the lower anterior teeth to prevent tooth movement after orthodontic treatment.



The most popular retainer used for the upper teeth; the clear retainer is worn as much as possible when the braces first come off.  It covers all surfaces of the teeth and helps to maintain arch width and prevents teeth from tilting.  The Truform can go over a bonded retainer for added retention. 

After six weeks, the clear retainer will be worn just at night. To ensure that your teeth don’t move, it’s important to continue wearing your retainer at least one night a week for the rest of your life.



Acrylic Retainers are a classic ‘plate’ with acrylic on the palate and wire in front of the teeth. A acrylic retainer is another option to stop the teeth from moving out of alignment. Like the clear retainer, acrylic retainers must be worn full time when the braces first come off and then eased to night time only. It’s important to wear your retainer at least one night a week for the rest of your life to ensure that your teeth don’t move.

Repairing Retainers

Whilst retainers are extremely durable we understand that accidents can happen and they may become damaged or break. Good news is you can get in touch with our team at Northside Orthodontics and we can repair or replace your retainer for you.

Your retainer will need to be checked every 6 months, as loose or broken retainers can allow movement or damage to your teeth. We will monitor the condition of your retainers for the first 12 months after your orthodontic treatment is complete.  We recommend you see your dentist to monitor thereafter. If your retainers feel loose or broken, you will need to return to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

It's important that you follow the care instructions given to you by our orthodontic team. This will reduce the risk of damaging your retainers and ensure that you maintain that straight smile you've worked so hard to get! If not cared for as instructed there is a significant risk of tooth movement, the correction of which may require additional orthodontic treatment to correct.

If you do break, damage or lost your retainer please contact the Northside Orthodontics team and we will organise a replacement for you. 

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