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Emergency Care

Northside Orthodontics dental clinic

Accidents happen, but we're here to help!

If your appliances become loose, detached, elongated or break off, don’t stress!  Generally, these types of mishaps don’t cause any pain.  Moreso just a little inconvenience.


In the event that something happens to your appliances, call the practice. Our knowledgeable Receptionists can offer advice over the phone or book you an appointment for a repair. Should the practice be closed, our Practice Manager is contactable via email (see our contact details) or if urgent, contact your General Dentist. 

If breakages are left for extended periods of time, further complications can arise, consequently extending your overall treatment time.  If you are unsure if something is broken or missing, don’t hesitate to call us just to make sure. 


Repair Appointments

We always strive to offer a suitable repair time, however, due to the nature of our schedule this is not always possible at short notice.  Repair times are always available in the middle of the day when the practice is less busy. 

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