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Your First Visit

Northside Orthodontist reception and waiting area

Don’t be nervous, we will be there to guide you through the whole process!

When you call to book a consultation, our friendly Receptionist will ask you a series of questions to create a patient file and secure you a booking with one of  our orthodontists. 

Medical History 

Once you have a booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a Medical History Form.  Certain medical conditions and medications can affect treatment so it is important that your information is current and comprehensive so we can provide the best possible care for you.              


Prior to a consultation, patients are required to have x-rays taken.  We refer our patients to Dental Diagnostics, who specialise in dental imaging and reporting. You will need to call the number on the referral to make a booking. After your x-ray appointment, Dental Diagnostics will send your image/s directly to us. If you have already had x-rays taken by your dentist or had them done at another clinic, please let us know so that we can obtain a copy of the images and report.   



At your consultation, the orthodontist will perform a visual examination and review your x-ray results. If you are ready for treatment, a team of Dental Assistants will take Records (read below). If not ready for treatment, the orthodontist will advise how often they would like to see you to monitor your growth and development until you are ready.



The Records process involves photographs of the face, mouth and teeth and a 3D scan, where a wand-like instrument is manoeuvred around the teeth transmitting digital models of your teeth on a screen.


Case Presentation

The orthodontist will discuss the treatment plan/options and the Treatment Coordinator will explain the fees and assist with appointment bookings. Depending on your orthodontist and the complexity of your case, the Case Presentation is either conducted at the time of your consultation or at a follow up appointment.


Patient Lounge Features 

Ensuring a convenient, comfortable and enjoyable experience each time you visit, our patient lounge area offers the following features: 


Check-In Screen

To check in for your appointment, there is a touch screen monitor located to the left of the reception desk. Simply follow the prompts on the screen to sign-in or say hello to one of our friendly reception team to let them know you have arrived.  A Dental Assistant will escort you to the front desk to check out and book your next appointment. 


Toothbrush Station 

For your convenience, we have a toothbrushing station with 2 basins and single use toothbrushes available at the practice.  Once used, the toothbrushes go into a special bin so they can be sent off to become recycled plastic with the Terracycle program. 


Coffee Machine

Arrive early? Busy parent? Help yourself to our coffee machine and enjoy a cuppa on us! 

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