A Spark to get your smile into shape!

Dental assistant showing patient smile in the mirror

Spark clear aligners are the latest in invisible orthodontics.

Spark is the latest advancement in clear aligners, and as with most nearly invisible treatment options, can be great solution for those who lead busy lifestyles or for adults who experienced conventional braces of the past

Why get Spark?

Spark is the latest in clear aligner technology. Designed to be discrete, comfortable and effective Spark clear aligners are perfect for those with busy lifestyles that want to smile confidently whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

Spark aligners are made using TruGEN™ - the latest innovation in clear aligner technology. TruGEN™ is uniquely designed to be comfortable, clear and stainless whilst providing advanced sustained force retention and better contact surface area with your teeth. 

Benefits of Spark Clear Aligners

  • More clear: Spark aligners are designed using an almost invisible material.

  • More comfortable: Smoother edges on your custom made aligners provide a more comfortable fit than other clear aligner brands

  • Less staining: Spark aligners are designed to reduce staining and make cleaning and care more convenient.

  • Effective & Efficient: Spark is designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement creating faster treatment times for patients

  • Customised digital treatment planning: Every smile is different and thanks to 3D scanning technology our team can show your future smile and treatment plan you get an aligner. 

Teenage girl holding clear aligner

Your orthodontist will use advanced 3D imaging equipment and software to develop custom made aligners designed to move your teeth into the desired position. 

Book a consultation with one of our experienced orthodontists to find out if Spark clear aligners are right for you.